How To Include Scripture Study Into Your Family's Daily Life

Is this the year you're going to make scripture study part of your family's daily life? If you've tried studying the scriptures together before and it just didn't work, or if this is your first attempt, here are some ideas that might help.

Be Consistent - You're family's scripture study will be more successful if you build consistency. Have a family meeting and let your kids know that studying the scriptures together is a priority for you as parents. If you hear complaints, tell them that you promise they'll enjoy this family time together.

  • Choose a time of the day that you feel will work best for you. Sometimes evening obligations get in the way of evening scripture study. For example, if you know one of your children will be at play practice or if you know that each week mom has a cooking class in the evening, that time won't work. Instead, choose mornings. 
  • Although it would be great if each family brought his or her own Bible to scripture study, that won't always happen. Instead, it's a good idea to keep several Bibles in a big basket where you're going to study. If you'll be at the breakfast table, keep the basket close by. 
  • Choose a particular place to have your scripture study. Although it would be fun to all pile in Mom and Dad's bed together, it would be better for you to sit at a table together. That way there won't be distractions like the family dog licking kid's faces or getting too comfortable and literally falling asleep.

Make It Interesting - You may think that it will be hard to compete with exciting movies and television shows or with computer games. It's up to you to keep them from being bored. When your children see how interesting scripture study is, they'll have a totally different take on it.

  • Give a synopsis of what you will be studying each day to capture their interest.
  • Give each family member a spiral notebook. As you study, stop after a scripture block and ask everybody to write down questions that were raised as you read. You may have to model questions.What made David such a special young man? What they do to be more like the young David? What can your kids learn about running away from temptation?
  • The spiral notebook will also serve as a journal. Ask each person to write down personal thoughts that inspired them to live better lives.

Set goals for each month. After you reach those goals, treat yourselves to something special. For more help, speak with a pastor or minister from a church like New Gethsemane Baptist Church.

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